Dental Implants in San Antonio, TX

A dental implant is a method of permanently replacing a single tooth. The implant is actually a titanium-coated screw-like post that inserted into the bone of your jaw. A replacement tooth is then permanently attached to the screw, and looks just like a natural tooth.

Why implants?

Aside from being the tooth replacement option that most closely resembles a natural tooth aesthetically, an implant is also the most functional. One advantage of an implant over a bridge is that the implant is fixed permanently in place. This allows for unobstructed eating and home hygiene. Just as important, the placement of an implant prevents bone loss that occurs if a tooth is lost and not replaced since the bone is not needed to hold the tooth in place.  

Implant Treatment

Dr. Seguin takes a multi-disciplinary approach to your implant care. Depending on your unique needs and the severity of your case, Dr. Seguin will work with an oral surgeon or periodontist. Some procedures will be completed in our office at Dental Care of San Antonio, while other procedures are done by referral to our oral surgeon.

The process for getting an implant at Dental Care of San Antonio can take between three to eight months, depending on your needs. If you have teeth that need to be removed, you will need to wait three to four months for the extraction site to heal. That is followed by the implant placement and another three to four months of healing time. Finally, Dr. Seguin places the replacement tooth on the implant. When your implant is complete, you’ll need to care for it the same as you would a natural tooth: with regular checkups and cleanings, as well as daily brushing and flossing.

Why choose Dental Care of San Antonio for your implant?

Dr. Seguin has provided implants in San Antonio for more than 20 years. He works with a set core of surgeons with whom he has a long-term relationship to ensure ideal communication and the best possible outcome for your implant procedure.

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